Outdoor Fire Pits in Escondido

Your backyard or garden fire pit is waiting to turn your Escondido property from good to great. Whether you’re interested in the ease and convenience of a modern propane fire pit or you want a classic wood burning model, call Mauro Landscape Inc. today at (858) 449-4948 to turn your fire pit dreams into a beautiful reality.

Your Outdoor Fire Pit and Your Yard

Outdoor fire pits are a human tradition, and for many people they also bring up memories from our childhoods. A fire can feel relaxed, down-to-earth, and rustic, but there are rules for fire pit installation and management in Escondido.

The rules affecting your fire pit can vary based on your property and the size and type of fire pit you want. One important thing to keep in mind is that most places require that fire pits be at least 10 feet away from most structures, as well as property lines with your neighbors.

There’s a chance that if your fire pit is very small and simple, you may not require a permit, however, most do. Even those that do not require a permit require a visit from a local fire department to assess the safety of your building project, whether your project is for a wood burning or a natural gas fire pit.

Wood burning pits need to be analyzed because of the tendency to throw sparks and embers, and propane fire pits require a laying of gas lines.

Once you get the OK, a fire pit needs to be built on a fireproof base. This is why so many consumers choose a stone or brick fire pit. Wood bases are a risk even if there is a fireproof place for the fire to burn, because embers and other sparks can spit remarkably far.

Safety Code and Regulation and Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Even the most well-maintained fire pit can be dangerous if the fire isn’t treated with the respect it deserves. All fire pits built by Mauro Landscape Inc. come with our guarantee that we’ve gone above and beyond the mandatory safety requirements as far as we can without sacrificing the quality of your experience. All our landscaping installation projects are undertaken with the highest respect for local safety rules and regulations in your area.

It’s important to make sure that everyone, from the most to the least experienced, are properly trained in the specific safety features of your fire pit. One of our installation professionals will be happy to provide you and your family with a comprehensive breakdown of exactly how to use your new feature safely.

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